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FJ Accounting and Tax Services presents an encompassing suite of tax-related services tailored for businesses, inclusive of Corporation Tax Return filings (T2). In accordance with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines, annual filing of a corporation income tax return is obligatory for all resident corporations, excluding crown corporations and resident charities, even in the absence of tax liabilities.


We comprehend the intricacies of your obligations and not only ensure their fulfilment but also explore legitimate avenues to optimize tax savings. Our additional corporate tax services encompass the submission of nil returns for dormant or inactive corporations, innovative tax planning, and counsel on tax structuring. We guarantee the accurate handling of losses, whether carried forward or back, and extend support for any tax-related inquiries or disputes.


For clients not availing our monthly or quarterly bookkeeping services, we undertake annual book preparation to generate the requisite financial information for your tax return. Additionally, we offer the provision of a notice to the reader accompanying the financial statements, assuring the highest standards of confidentiality for your business documents.



Why Choose Us?

Our proactive team comprises individuals with diverse experience in small to medium-sized entrepreneurial businesses. Possessing comprehensive training and academic proficiency, they consistently deliver quality output.


Having demonstrated expertise in the field, we have cultivated a loyal client base. As a national firm, our tax professionals exhibit academic and technical brilliance, striving to provide optimal service. Timely completion of deliverables, meticulous accuracy, and a commitment to efficiency through technological leverage distinguish us as the preferred tax accountants in Toronto and across Canada.


Client satisfaction is of paramount importance, and we exert sincere efforts to ensure the contentment of our clients. Our commitment extends to providing information on emerging corporate tax regulations and offering advice on commonly questioned areas such as expense deductions and accrual accounting. At FJ Accounting and Tax Services, expect excellent assistance at competitive rates.


Contact us to explore how we can facilitate your tax-related concerns. We offer a complimentary initial consultation and competitive rates for tax filings and related matters, contributing to the growth of your business.


Business Tax Services

  • Canadian Federal corporate tax returns (T2)
  • Non-Resident corporate tax returns
  • Canadian Corporations with US Tax compliance requirements
  • US Corporations and LLCs with Canadian tax filing obligations
  • Tax Planning for personal and business, addressing potential consequences (dividends, bonuses)
  • Preparation of information returns, including T4s, T4As, and T5s
  • Back tax filings for Corporations – multiple years tax filing
  • Response to CRA audits, objections, assessments, fairness
  • Voluntary Tax Disclosure and Tax Appeals


Notice to Reader Financial Statements

  • Corporate Tax Return Filings (T2)
  • GST/HST filings
  • Tax planning
  • CRA representation


Review Engagements

  • Typically requested by banks or third parties.



Connect Today for Personalized Assistance

Reach out to discover how our tax preparation professionals at FJ Accounting and Tax Services can diligently assist in preparing your personal tax returns. Benefit from a complimentary consultation and competitive service rates. We stand ready to provide unwavering support for your financial requirements.



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