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FJ Accounting and Tax Services staunchly commits to upholding the privacy rights of our clients, employees, contractors, and all other stakeholders associated with our firm. Governed by the Rules of Professional Conduct within the accounting profession, we diligently strive to preserve the privacy and confidentiality integral to the execution of our retained functions.



Collection and Use of Information

In the routine course of our business operations, we gather and deploy personal, business, and financial information from our clients. This information assumes a pivotal role in the preparation of bookkeeping records, financial statements, tax returns, payroll details, and other mandated business and personal filings. Our dedication to preserving the confidentiality of entrusted information is unwavering, with an unwavering commitment to refraining from disclosing it to third parties without explicit consent or knowledge.



Retention and Safeguarding

To fulfil governmental and professional obligations and enhance our service capabilities, we retain and safeguard your information for a duration deemed necessary, even if you are no longer a client. Employing appropriate technologies and maintaining reasonable security standards, we assure the protection of your information. While utilizing third-party applications such as QuickBooks, Receiptbank, Hubdoc, and others to process accounting files, we take measures to ensure data encryption and protection, cognisant that data may reside on third-party servers beyond our direct control.




FJ Accounting and Tax Services acquires personal information through lawful and equitable means. We actively seek written or oral consent for the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information where possible. In specific instances, when interacting with governmental agencies, regulatory bodies, or our professional organization, we may utilize personal information without explicit consent.



Limits for Collection, Use, Disclosure, and Retention

FJ Accounting and Tax Services strictly adheres to limitations on the amount and type of information collected, ensuring only necessary personal information is acquired for providing advice and services, and administering client and employee databases.



Safeguarding of Information through Digital Platforms

While we endeavour to uphold the utmost privacy and security standards, we acknowledge the inherent vulnerabilities of data transmission over the Internet, electronic mail, or third-party online storage platforms. Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of electronically transmitted or stored information.



Accuracy of and Access to Personal Information

FJ Accounting and Tax Services is committed to maintaining the accuracy and relevance of personal information for the purpose of delivering accounting and related services. Clients are encouraged to promptly notify us of any changes to their personal information and, with reasonable notice, may review and request corrections to their personal data.



Our Responsibilities

FJ Accounting and Tax Services bears the responsibility of upholding the confidentiality of all personal information accessible to them. Mandatory confidentiality agreements underscore this responsibility, remaining in effect even if individuals transition out of the firm.


For discussions regarding our firm's privacy policies and procedures, please contact FJ Accounting and Tax Services via email at [CLICK HERE].

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