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We extend a comprehensive array of planning, accountancy, and fiscal solutions tailored specifically for Marketers and Marketing Services entities. Our spectrum of services encompasses:


  • Formulation of financial statements (notice to reader)
  • Bookkeeping
  • Electronic payroll processing
  • Compilation of business plans
  • Provision of incorporation services
  • Costing and Pricing analysis
  • Evaluation of product and services profitability
  • Strategic planning initiatives
  • Business consulting services
  • Financial analysis
  • Preparation of personal income tax
  • Corporate income tax preparation
  • GST/HST returns for entities engaged in taxable services
  • Business consulting
  • Training in accounting and bookkeeping
  • Establishment of accounting systems
  • Tax planning strategies
  • Strategic planning
  • Budget formulation
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services
  • Personal financial planning services, and more.


Flexible and scalable bookkeeping services tailored to your business dynamics. As your enterprise expands, our services seamlessly adapt to confront emerging challenges. Trust in up-to-date information and financial reporting, ensuring perpetual adherence to indirect tax compliance obligations, without succumbing to arrears.

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FJ Accounting extends to our corporate clientele a comprehensive array of tax-related services, encompassing the meticulous filing of Corporation Tax Returns (T2). In accordance with the stipulations set forth by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), the obligation to submit an annual corporate income tax return is incumbent upon all resident corporations, excluding crown corporations and resident charities, irrespective of the existence of taxable liabilities.

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We guide you systematically through the intricate process, cognizant of its inherent challenges, understanding that it is a task often met with apprehension. Our commitment extends to formulating streamlined solutions for your diverse tax-related needs. Experience firsthand why FJ Accounting Firm stands as the preferred tax accounting entity in Toronto and throughout Canada.

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